In today's Highly competitive Corporate environment, it is essential to display yourself in the best professional way. A quality photographic portrait will ensure that your clients view you as a professional and someone they can trust.

I specialise in photographing individuals in the best possible light, including those who are concerned that they don’t take a good picture. 

During the photography session, I find your best angle, adjust the lighting, then capture a range of expressions that reflect your personality. Your input is encouraged, so we can work together to present you with the best possible image.

Your selected images will be retouched to remove any blemishes, soften the odd wrinkle, minimise irregular features, downplay receding hairlines and improve skin tones.

 When completed, you will be presented with a confident, flattering image for Corporate documents and your professional LinkedIn identity, the latter a necessity in today’s increasingly interconnected and online workforce.

Most of my Executive and Corporate portraits are photographed on location. I've discovered most clients are more relaxed in their familiar surrounds and prefer not having to spend extra time going to a studio. This however, can be arranged if it's is a preferred option.

In some cases, clients arrange for several executives to be photographed at the same session which is a saving in time and cost. This can often be a fun experience.

Staff can be photographed with a neutral background behind the them, or if preferred, displaying some of the working environment. There are examples of both in my Corporate galleries, please have a look.

All edited images are be uploaded to a private, password protected gallery on my web site for viewing and sharing. They are sized for web viewing and can be downloaded. High Resolution images can be downloaded on request.

High resolution images can be sent via a Web-Transfer system, downloaded directly from my website if arranged, or a DVD can be posted directly to the required address.